Just Another Gorgeous Monday!

Today is yet another example of why I love living in San Francisco.  Got to drive top down to work and then baked basked in the sun at the park!

*For some reason there are lots of pasty shirtless men in these pictures!

Fun fact:  Jean Pierre and I play this game where whenever we see something random in the street we say, “Aw honey, you left your (fill in the blank) outside!”.  Usually its a random shoe or sock.  But today I hit the mother load!  It was a pink velvet leotard.  I just had to snap a picture and share it with you all!

Somewhere in San Francisco, a little girl will be crying over this.  So sad!  I feel her pain….

Happy Monday luvies!

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One Response to Just Another Gorgeous Monday!

  1. joey says:

    you’re pretty. Jean Pierre is one lucky guy.

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