Concert Madness

Last night, a group of us headed out to see the band Cut Copy in concert at the Regency Theater in the city.  Man oh man, I did not realize they had such a strong gay following!  The crowd was lively, and made me feel like I was not over dressed at all.(I love when that happens!)  Lots of fun was had and LOTS of picture taking too. On that note….

Me waiting for a cab and getting SO annoyed at the lack thereof.

The above gentleman would come on and off stage.  He mostly played “air” drums.  I found him to be the most entertaining of the night.  Seemed to me that he was a younger brother of one of the band mates and they had to include him in the tour some how…

This is when I realized I was standing 10 feet away from a gay male version of myself.  He was a better dancer though.  I give you Alex 2.0:

Jean Pierre and I getting camera happy:

After the concert we headed to meet friends at a bar named Bloodhound.  More pictures were taken….

They’re besties 😉

And then I was ready for bed!

Good times!

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2 Responses to Concert Madness

  1. Mom says:

    Cute pics – I remember the days – to be young again!!!!!!

  2. joey says:

    um…..can we get an update? what’s going on with you? hehe.

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