Bikes & Burgers

This weekend was a pretty fun one.  I did do yoga, I did spend time with my fam, and I did celebrate mine and Jean Pierre’s 6th anniversary.

After hanging out with my family in RWC on Saturday evening, we headed back to the city for even more shenanigans.  And then, around 2pm, it was time to call it quits.

The next morning was bit of a tough one.  I SO wanted to see my Dad participate in the 100th anniversary of Bay to Breakers, but unfortunately, the 7am call time that it required came and went without me even noticing.  But congrats to my Father on finishing!  I’m just glad he did it with his clothes on, and did not end up in a drunk tank.  I could not be more proud! 😉

When it was finally time to get our arses out of bed, we hopped on our matching bikes(which 2 people have now mentioned that it’s Pee Wee Herman’s bike!) and headed to have big, greasy, and delish burgers & fries from Big Mouth Burgers.* Maybe I should invest in a grey suit for Jean Pierre as well?

I had the garden burger on a whole wheat bun with provolone and avacado.  And yes, that whole thing was devoured!  Yum!

Then we continued our relaxing day with a short bike ride, nap, took JD for a walk, and then had sushi for dinner.

What a wonderful weekend!  Now I have Vegas to look forward to in 3 weeks.  Time to get serious about being bikini ready!  I’m guessing that will be my last indulgence until then.  xo

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2 Responses to Bikes & Burgers

  1. jaime says:

    LOVE this blog today! Really love those bikes! Sounds like a perfect day. Congrats to you and Joey on 6 years! Love to you both. xxoo

  2. Jenny says:

    It was great to see you guys on sat night too!!! Wish that you could of made it to the American Grilled Cheese Kitchen, it was great. Next time.

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