Strike!….Or 7/Spare

Last night Jean Pierre and I decided to dust off our bowling balls and head to Sea Bowl in Pacifica for a much needed bowling session.

Some necessities for bowling:

A. Bowling ball.  Mine is the pretty Cherry Vibe.  It’s a 12 pounder, but we decided that my next ball needs to be a bit heavier.  I guess all of this yoga is making me stronger 😉

B.  Bowling shoes.  It’s hard to find shoes that don’t make you feel like a clown.

C.  Drinks.  Isn’t that obvious????  Jean Pierre knows how much I love limes and straws.  Ha

I love the lanes at Sea Bowl.  Maybe because it makes you feel like you are bowling at the beach!  Another awesome fact about Sea Bowl is the after 9pm on Sunday-Thursday, lanes are only $11/hour.  That’s so worth the 20minute drive!

The Giants/Dodgers game was just wrapping up while we bowled.  Thanks to Wilson for the inspiration last night.  It was a doozey of a game… at one point the Dodgers came back and tied with us at 5/5.  Then Cody Ross came up to bat with 2 outs in the 9th inning and he got a home run with 2 people on bases.  Bringing the end score to 8/5.  Wahoo! (Ok, I’m done talking sports.  I know that just gave my Mom a headache.  Haha)

Here were our scores from the 3 games that we bowled(Yes, Jean Pierre beats me EVERY time!) :

*apparently 7 Spare was my favorite score to bowl in the first game.  It reminds me of the Friends episode when Monica and Rachel are teaching Chandler women’s feel good spots…..Seven, Seven, Seven….SEVEN!  Haha

Not bad for our first time back in months!

Now time for scary eyes and crazy hair:

I’m off to bike across the Golden Gate Bridge, and then dinner tonight at a new restaurant for us.  Will tell you all about it tomorrow!

Happy Thursday!

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2 Responses to Strike!….Or 7/Spare

  1. Jenny says:

    Love Pacifica!!! The swim team would go to sea bowl all the time. Good times. We would also go surfing there too.
    Have fun today and tonight too!!

  2. joey says:

    that guy Joe is a really good bowler.

    i had a blast. we should definitely bowl more often

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