Farewell Oprah

Oh wait, you don’t care just like I do???  Then why is it all over the media today instead of covering the tornado’s ripping through our country???  Priorities people!

Anyways, on to more exciting news.  Jean Pierre and I are headed for a sin city vacation in exactly 12 days!  Vegas and everything related to it has been the only thing keeping me going lately.  Hot weather, cool drinks, dancing, late nights, maybe a poolside massage(from a masseuse obviously!), and the Jabbawockeez show(I would have preferred Cher, but unfortunately I missed that boat).  I think it’s always important to have something to look forward to in life.  Whether it be a vacation, dinner plans, or a party.

To get prepared, I have bought two bikinis, and a fantastic cobalt blue mini dress to wear out one night.   Now all I need is a spray tan and I am good to go!

Here are some images that are making me day dream even more for Summer.

Images courtesy of Leonard-Paris.

Who else is ready for Summer?  Any fun plans this year?  I wish I could say I was headed off to Europe…but alas, not again this year. 

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One Response to Farewell Oprah

  1. joey says:

    that Jean Pierre, what a lucky guy! he gets to see you in 2 bikinis and a dress? so so jealous!

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