Back on My Feet

Before I get to my exciting news, here’s some photo’s of Jean Pierre and I enjoying a few drinks at my old favorite bar Lush last night:

Above is our favorite cocktail they serve, the Ginger Cucumber Gimlet.  Soo delish!  But I do have to say, ever since they relocated from the old Lush, I miss the slushy machine.  😦

Those French can never take a serious picture.

It was only 10pm….why do I look like its 3am?

Onto some good news….  I got back on the treadmill today for a 3mile run.  It was slow, but PAIN FREE!  Which is SO exciting you have no idea!

Ok, off to work soon until late tonight.  But I’ve got two free days to relax, and quite possibly Monday too.  Please tell me you all are about to enjoy a 3 day weekend!

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