Detox Detox Detox

That’s exactly what I will be doing for the next month!  Or at least 10 days or so 😉  But first, let’s see why my liver needs a break:

Day One:

After arriving at our hotel, we immediately put on less clothes than our usual SF gear, and headed out to walk the strip and see what’s going on.

It was a beautiful sunny day(could you expect anything less in Vegas?).  We walked and walked and eventually quenched our thirst at an outdoor bar in front of Ceasar’s Palace.

The Dutch girl that I am ordered a Heineken.  It hit the spot!

After a good few hours of walking and browsing, we headed back to the hotel to get ready for a night out on the town which included:

A quick dinner at a steakhouse(nothing to brag about) in our hotel and then we watched the Jabowakeez dance show.

Someone had a hard time containing his excitement!

The show was a ton of fun.   Not only did they have amazing choreography, stage decor, and lighting.  But they were super funny and included the audience throughout the entire show.

Then we were off to the newest hotel called The Cosmopolitan.  And man oh man is it pretty!  We had pre going out drinks at the Chandelier bar which is 3 stores high(Mom you would LOVE how blingy it is!  The pictures don’t do it justice).

And to round the night off, we headed to Marquee, the “IT” club of the moment on the strip.   It was insane there! It’s 3 floors of partying, and probably could fit anywhere near 10,000 people.   I didn’t get such great pictures as we were too in shock to really snap away. But here are a few of the outside part(yes, you party at the pool and the table service there includes your own hot tub!).

We spent the majority of the night in the “Library” room.  Which was much more chill and relaxed.  It included a fireplace and a pool table.  What more could you ask for?

We stayed until 2am as I did not want to over do it on our first night there.  Which we tend to do sometimes 😉

Day 2 to follow on next post!





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