Vegas Part Deux

We slept in until 10ish or so the next day and decided to head out to Tao Beach at the Palazo for some fun in the sun!

Jean Pierre’s friend works at Tao so we were able to get in there even though it’s not the hotel that we were staying at.  Thank god for him!  We also scored a bunch of drink tickets so lots and lots of alcohol was consumed during our time spent there.

I sipped on Moet “Ice”, which is their type of champagne that’s to be served on ice(as if you guys aren’t smart enough to understand that from the get go).  Let me tell ya, it was the perfect drink to help me endure the heat!  And it came in a pimp cup which was even more awesome.   Haha.

A little too many of those drinks equals Alex “raising the roof” in pictures:

Needless to say, we ended up taking a taxi back to the hotel around 6pm, napping until 9 or so, and then ordering room service and a movie in the room that night.  Have you guys seen the Lincoln Lawyer?  If not, I totally recommend it!

Day 3 still to come!

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One Response to Vegas Part Deux

  1. joey says:

    leggggggggs. i like…

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