I am Grateful

Today has been another fantastic day here in SF.  The sun is shining, and although it was a little windy, I ventured out to enjoy and soak up some more of the sun.  First off, I headed out to Sbucks and sat outside, had a cup of joe, and read for about an hour and a half. (Finally finished my yoga book which I loved).

Then I walked a few more blocks to have lunch at Cafe Gratitude, a vegan restaurant that I had yet to try.  They specialize in live/raw food, which means that everything is prepared while not going over 118 degrees, as that’s when nutrients are essentially taken out of the fruits/veggies.  They do have cooked items as well.  But I thought since I was there, I might partake in a little raw action.

I consumed the “I am Nourished” dish which is a live sandwich with almond pate, lettuce, carrot, tomato, avacado and spicy mustard sauce on an apple curry bread.

Holy yum it was good!  And to drink I had the “I am Refreshed” which is lemon juice, agave and sparkling water.  The name says it all.

The waitress had made a mint chocolate shake for another customer and had some leftover, so she kindly gave me a sampling of it which was the perfect ending to my meal.

What are you ateful grateful for???  Haha

Happy happy Thursday everyone!  I’m meeting a girlfriend for a late night yoga sesh.  Anyone need some energy/love sent their way?? xo






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3 Responses to I am Grateful

  1. joey says:


  2. jaime says:

    We LOVE that cafe!~ I got the stuffed avacado last time with the almond milk smoothie! We also enjoy the table top games of questions of what people are grateful for. I feel nourished when we leave there! Jeff and I both read the book on their biz model and it is spot on. Well…Alex you KNOW what I was grateful for today!! My beet based burger from Roam! And the sunshine..and my husband….and my son…and my parents…and my friends…AND that I will be able to hire you as a personal yoga teacher soon!

    • amfaay says:

      I am definitely going to take your advice and head on over to Roam. Sounds delish! And just FYI, friends get yoga classes for free 😉 xoxox Enjoy the weekend!

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