It’s HOT

Ok, I’m not one to complain when the weather is hot in SF….err, maybe I am.  Today is a “who has air conditioning and am I invited” kind of day.  The sun has been shining since the crack of dawn and I am sure that it will keep on going till late in the evening.  In fact, it’s supposed to be even HOTTER tomorrow which means I will be wearing my bikini to work 😉

I was supposed to work today but got canceled at the last minute…oh darn! So I decided to hop on my bike and pedal out to meet Jean Pierre for a quick lunch under the sun.  Here are some sights I see along the way:

The ball park.

McCovey Cove with some lucky ducks humans on boats.

Giants appreciation every where you go.  It’s amazing!

My shadow…it’s seems to be around me all the time!  And yes I have shoes on…haha.

Cupids Arrow and the Bay Bridge in the background.

Lance Bass’s transportation to the moon 😉

The Ferry Building.

The fountain at Justin Herman Plaza.

And apparently Top Chef was in town.  They were giving some kind of seminar and tastings of food.  We were too preoccupied trying to find shade to recover in so I didn’t stop to see what it was all about.  But pretty cool though for a Monday afternoon.

We waited in line at a place called Freshii.  I had the Vegan wrap which included broccoli, sun dried tomato’s, cucumber, spinach, garbanzo beans, and corn in a honey wheat tortilla.  It was alright. And I sipped on a Gingerberry Kombucha which is ALWAYS good.

And just like that I was back on my bike and pedaling home before it got even hotter outside.  I hope you all are having a lovely Monday!

Oh and I FINALLY got use of my vintage fedora.  What do ya think???


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3 Responses to It’s HOT

  1. Mom says:

    Cute hat – you look way too fancy for a bike ride!

  2. Miran says:

    I’m borrowing the hat…and the necklace. Be prepared to hand it over next month 🙂 xoxo

  3. joey says:

    um, you couldn’t zoom in on the passenger on the Wet Corvette boat?

    thanks for visiting and lunch! it was great to see you!

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