The (Star)Buck Stops Here

This is going to be a tough one you guys!  So I told myself that the next time my Starbucks Gold Card runs out of cash(it’s like a gift card) that it would be the end of me wasting spending money on Starbucks.  I get a drink every day, and now that mine is a little more complicated(Grande Soy Sugar-Free Vanilla Chai Latte with a shot of Espresso), a real mouthful I know, it’s made my daily indulgence around $5 more.  Ugh.  So today my beloved card ran out of juice.  And this is the last one of these that I will see in a while.

Of course, if anyone wants to send me Starbucks gift cards, that would be totally acceptable 😉  Hint hint, wink wink. JK.

I came to this decision because honestly it’s just too much money to be spending there.  When you think about it, I basically spend around $35/week there!  Yikes!  Sorry to any of you that have stocks in Starbucks, as I would assume it might go down.  Instead if I want to enjoy a hot beverage, I will just have to make it at home.  Sigh…..


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One Response to The (Star)Buck Stops Here

  1. joey says:

    good for you!!! now the next time we’re out for drinks, like real drinks at a bar, the tab is on you!!!!

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