Birthday Cake

Yes, my birthday is months & months away, but it gives you all the time to practice to make me this adorable cake!

I think I would more prefer the vanilla version maybe with some lemon jelly on the inside.  Mmmm!

Now get baking!  Hehe

*Images courtesy of IamBaker

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5 Responses to Birthday Cake

  1. joey says:

    ok, those cakes are making me hungry. let’s make that tonight!

  2. jenny says:

    it is so funny that you posted this. I saw this on one of the blogs i look at and was trying to figure out who for and when i could make this for. I dont know how much Dave would like a cake like that. LOL
    You know what that means you have to come to SD to get your Cake. LOL.

  3. Mom says:

    Looks like a cake for Dad – cute.

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