Thank you Kron 4 News

You were right with the weather forecast.  Yay!!!!  The wonderful sunshine has returned to the Bay Area, and it’s making me want to jump for joy!

Let’s rejoice with some Summer time bright fashion 😉

I especially love when the sun comes out because I get to ride my bike to work.  It’s a 35 minute commute that I begin at 6:55am.  And it involves an uber steep hill(It’s two blocks of steepness in total) that I walk up with my bike.  I keep telling myself that one day I can conquer it while on my bike….But that “one day” seems very very very far away!

Other fun news….I was inspired by So You Think You Can Dance last night and decided that I will head to a lyrical jazz class tomorrow night.  I think it’s been over a year since I have been to one.  Let’s pray my feet don’t get too torn up from twirling around barefoot.  Wish me luck!

If only my feet could look like that.  You can never dream too big right??

*Images courtesy of HauteMama’sFavourites & EverythingIsTouchable


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4 Responses to Thank you Kron 4 News

  1. joey says:

    have fun at dance class!!! i’m happy for you! wait, did you say lyrical jazz? i thought you meant pole…

    i must be imagining things

  2. wjfry says:

    Yay for dance class!!! Who is your favorite dancer on the show? I want to hear how class was, you’ve inspired me to go take class too!

    • amfaay says:

      I don’t really have a favorite as of yet. They all are pretty amazing. Especially the girls! Who’s yours? I will let you know how class goes and you keep me posted on yours too! I just hope that I can retain the combo! Eeks. Totally nervous for that.

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