Back on the Pavement

I am going to be completely honest here….This past weekend was ROUGH for me!  As many Holidays tend to be, it was filled with too much food, too much alcohol, and too much lounging around being lazy.  Ok, Ok,  I did enjoy the lounging part, but it just makes getting back into working out MUCH much harder.  So today, after I told myself that I must go for a run, I headed out to run Crissy Field and made it all the way under the Golden Gate Bridge and back.  It was a glorious 5 miles made easy thanks to Lady Gaga’s new CD, Born This Way. (I LOVE her!)

It wasn’t that fast, but after being off of my feet for so long, I will take an average pace of 9min miles anytime!

Here’s my sweaty face just in case you haven’t seen it in a while 😉

Tomorrow I am off to hit the yoga mat.

What motivates you to workout when you haven’t done so in a long time?  I always repeat in my head: “You will never regret a workout, but you will regret not doing it.”  Works every time!

Nighty nighty luvies!

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