This Made My Day

This is why I have the most amazing family ever!  Look what I came home to in my mailbox after yoga this morning:

Thank you SO much Aunt Gig!  What a wonderful surprise.

Yoga was fantastic today.  It was just what my body wanted.  I have no other plans for the day except maybe a trip to Target for some necessities.  (I say “trip” because we have no Target in the city.  So it requires a 15 minute drive to Colma.  I know, I know, boohoo for 15 minutes!)  Haha.

What are you luvies up to for the weekend? I am keeping myself busy with babysitting, yoga, running, and getting ready for my sister & cousin to visit.  Yay!


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2 Responses to This Made My Day

  1. joey says:

    i’m also getting you a gift card to Bev’Mo to satisfy your other addictions. hehe

  2. joey says:

    and by that, i mean your addiction to cheese.

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