Nothing completes a look more than a chic hat!  Check out some of my favs from designer Mason Michel.

*Images courtesy of Sarah Klassen.

On a side note, I am happy to say that I am 100% recovered from Sundays game day shenanigans.  Wahoo!  I am off to enjoy a sweaty session of yoga and then a night in watching Flipping Out, and maybe the Bachelorette sounds divine!

What you all up to on this beautiful Wednesday???  I cannot wait for it to be Friday as I will be driving down the coast for some family time.  If the weather allows it, I might just break out my surfboard to catch some waves down in water that’s hot enough for no full body wetsuit! 

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One Response to Toppers

  1. joey says:

    um, you were just complaining to me that we weren’t spending enough time together because of evening Giants games! and you’re reserving the Bachelorette for viewing tonight? i’m heading to the bar!!!

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