Remember When….

I had obsessed about these glasses for a whole 6 months before they were available, and I called every Michael Kors boutique until the day they came out?  Oh, and then I finally got them, brought them into an eyeglass store and had them made to be interchangeable from sunglasses to eyeglasses(even though I don’t need glasses, so it was just clear glass).  Only to wear them for about 6months and then lose them at LAX airport going through security…..Well, I still love them, and miss them all the time.

Do you have a similar story?  And if so, what was it and how often do you think about that item?  These come into my mind once a month….

*Image courtesy of urbanangel.

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2 Responses to Remember When….

  1. Miran says:

    I missed my black leather jacket – the one I wear every time I go out – for a couple of weeks. Thought I lost it at the airport too, until I found out that it was left in Aunt Gig’s coat closet in SF….phew. It’s now safe in my closet, but I know the feeling. Sorry for your loss…

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