It’s only Monday and I am completely wiped out!  You would think that I ran a marathon over the weekend…because that’s exactly how my body feels right now.  I want to curl up and be like this little guy:

But instead, I must drink lots of these to get me through the week:

How was all of your weekends?  Anything fabulous happen?  I did buy myself some vintage cowgirl boots at the Palo Alto art & wine festival.  Pretty much the highlight of my weekend.  Oh…and got my nails done at an amazing salon with friends.  They look pretty awesome too.

Here’s to hoping that I wake up some time soon!

*Images courtesy of nathanielandthewolf, phideliaa.

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2 Responses to Tired….

  1. Jenny says:

    Sunday was a day all for Owen. We went to a spraypark, fun fun (pic on my facebook). We then drove to La Jolla for lunch and to get away from the heat. We they walked to the beach we then played in the water. Owen loved it ( Pic on my facebook) it was a good day. But i too am tired. A nap would be great.
    love ya!

  2. joey says:

    you failed to mention that you got me a pair of vintage Frye boots. Thanks honey! also, thanks for a fun-filled Saturday at the batting cages and downtown PA.

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