Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

Well, as always, it feels as though the Summer has finally come to an end.  Labor Day usually marks that time for me.  Speaking of, did you all have a fantastic 3 day weekend???  Mine was spend outdoors…running, drinking wine in the park, and soaking up as much sunlight as SF would let me.

I’m sad to see it go. This year was probably one of the first Summers in a loooong time that I actually enjoyed.(I normally prefer wearing tights, boots, and cashmere!)  Not only is layering season upon us, but it also has much more to offer.  Like the fact that all of the pumpkin goodies are now back in stock at Starbucks!  Yay!!!  Halloween is right around the corner(my favorite Holiday of all).  AND most importantly, the leaves will be turning all shade of loveliness.  I can’t wait!!!!

What is your favorite Season & why?

*Images courtesy of CrushCuldeSac & CognacandCoffee.

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4 Responses to Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

  1. joey says:

    i like the Fall the best. There are big days like Halloween, Veteran’s Day, the Marine Corps birthday (and Ball), and Thanksgiving. so many things to do! not to mention it’s our birthdays too. also, the City is actually warm!

  2. Miran says:

    I love Fall! My favorite weather is when there is a chill in the air but the sun is shining…hopefully we get plenty of those days coming soon. Plus I love Fall accessories – hats, scarves, tights, and more hats! Yay for Fall!

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