Happy Belated 2012!

Let’s start this year off right with some more blog posts..right?  Sorry for being MIA lately.  I promise to get my butt back on gear…and by that I mean, post more.  I hope you all had a fantastic NYE.  These past two weeks have been pretty crazy, but lots of fun, and very interesting.  From a friends dinner party in the private billiard room of Wayfare Tavern, to a weekend getaway at a Tahoe cabin with no running water(pipes froze…NOT fun but made for some situations that I thought I would never have to encounter).  Here’s some snapshots of the good times.  Let’s keep em rolling!

Me and Tiffy at Wayfare Tavern before things got interesting.


Best homemade gifts EVER!

The makers of the moustaches.


I don't know....


En route to Tahoe and loving every minute of it.


Almost there...No snow though.


Party bus to the casinos on NYE. Such fun! Pole included.


Some of MY winnings! Yay


He snuck away to get some shut eye...Lucky guy!

xo A

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4 Responses to Happy Belated 2012!

  1. Miran says:

    you’re back! yay!!

  2. MOM says:

    So glad you’re back – missed ya

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