Over the Shoulder

(Boulder Holder?…inside joke with my Sis, or anyone else that loves the movie Beaches as much as we do)

Trend alert:  Wearing your jacket/coat draped over your shoulders.  I blame Gwyneth Paltrow and her Tom Ford cape look worn at the Oscars.  Like It or Leave It?  I personally would only do it if it’s above 65degrees outside, otherwise I would freeze like I do most days without a coat.

*Images courtesy of HonestlyWTF.

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2 Responses to Over the Shoulder

  1. Miran says:

    For Otto Titsling had found his quest:
    to lift and mold the female breast;
    to point the small ones to the sky;
    to keep the big ones high and dry!

    Every night he’d sweat and snort
    searching for the right support.
    He tried some string and paper clips.
    Hey! He even tried his own two lips!

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