I’m Loving It

Ba da ba ba baaaaa, I’m loving it!  Here’s a few things that I am loving right now:

This gals style, hair, poise….  I cannot wait til my hair is her length!

Multicolored nails!

A great backdrop for a photo.

Shoes I want to rub my face against…Yes, I would.

Some awesome striped pants on the right body for them.

A perfectly tailored leather swing trench/motorcycle jacket/dress.

Statement pumps.

*Images courtesy of Vogue/Philip Oh.

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2 Responses to I’m Loving It

  1. Miran says:

    check out the b&w tuxedo pant by leifsdottir …do I need? would they look good on my thunder thighs? 🙂

    • amfaay says:

      Haha, those pants would look great on you! As far as the need part….well, do I need another purse? No….But should I buy one? Heck yes!

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