Call Me Cupcake

I know that this will make my Father(an amazing pastry chef/baker) cringe when he reads this…but I have ALWAYS dreamed of owning & running a bakery.  I remember when my sister and I were in kindergarten and preschool that my Mom would occasionally stop off at my Dad’s work before school and we would get to pick some cookies out for breakfast.  It really is one of my fondest memories.  And I’m pretty sure that each time I would choose the dog bone cookies(Dad, what type of cookie was that exactly?  All I remember was that I loved them so much because it was like I was eating a dog biscuit…and they tasted fabulous of course!).  I loved getting to walk in the bakery through the back door… it made me feel so special.  I am sad to say that my Dad will be retiring soon and my days of wandering through a bakery kitchen will be over.  But hopefully he will continue to nourish me with his amazing treats….especially napolean raspberry cake, chocolate fudge cookies, danishes, cherry turnovers, croissants, & brownies(to name a few of my favorites).

Here’s some cupcakes I would wish to make at my bakery:

*Images courtesy of CallMeCupcake.

Fancy Faay’s would make a great bakery name right?  Any other suggestions?


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3 Responses to Call Me Cupcake

  1. MOM says:

    Very Sweet

  2. joey says:

    when i win Mega Millions, we’ll open a bakery.

  3. Jaime Lindauer says:

    I loved this post. I remember you sharing your dad’s crossiants with me and they are off the hook! However, of course what I loved reading the most was your childhood memory~ I love thinking of biz names…xxoo

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