I Love Your Style

How fetching is this outfit??? Floral mini dress, crisp white blazer, layered bracelets, color-tipped flats, and wind swept hair….I just die.

True Story: One Sunday Jean Pierre and I, along with our friends, went out for brunch and I thought that I spotted this girl sitting across from us.  All signals pointed that it was her….she had the layered bracelets, same hair, and a very very similar outfit that she had posted on Instagram that morning!  I was freaking out but I was way too starstruck and shy to approach her.  So Jean Pierre took it upon himself and went up and said “Are you Atlantic Pacific?”.  And the gal goes “No, but I know who you are talking about and that’s the best compliment anyone has ever given me!”.  So at least we made someone’s day.  Haha….  We both live in a city that is 7×7 miles, you would think we would run into each other at some point right?

*Images courtesy of the fabulous AtlanticPacific.


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4 Responses to I Love Your Style

  1. natalie says:

    I am obsessed with her as well! and would love to see her in person! i think that is such a great compliment to someone!
    i am currently obsessed w/ this coach bag!

  2. Miran says:

    Bracelet bar coming soon to Anthro!!!

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