Ooh La La

I am SO ready to go back to Paris.  I just love everything about the place.  The food, the people, the buildings, the shopping, the museums, the atmosphere….It’s all just so tres chic!  And when I came across these photos of blogger A Girl, A Style, it made me want to book my ticket asap!

I know the this year is out of the question for a trip to Europe as my schedule is already pretty packed.  But I am making 2013 the year that I make it back out there.  The plan is to go to all my favorites, France & Holland, and then to add two new places….At the moment I am thinking any of the following: Greece, Prague, Turkey, Scotland.  Any other ideas or recommendations?

*Images courtesy of A Girl, A Style.

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3 Responses to Ooh La La

  1. Kenny says:

    I love adding new destinations every year. I’ve recently returned from Prague and I was very impressed. I added a pop-up blog called, Spring in to Prague, which may interest you. You should visit Edinburgh & St Andrews, Scotland. I’d also recommend Copenhagen, Denmark.

  2. plainbagel says:

    nice macarons…

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