With the bridal collection by Designer Amanda Wakeley, it’s all about angles.  I must say, I like em.  First one is my favorite.  I could see a bride wearing it for an elegant evening affair in a white tent.

Which one is your favorite?

*Images courtesy of HauteDesign.

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5 Responses to Angles

  1. Aunt Gig says:

    I like all of them (except the last one). But I think my favorite is the third one. And by the way, why are we looking at wedding dresses???????

    • amfaay says:

      Aunt Gig, I am going to make you all sweat with anticipation of when a wedding might happen for me. Haha. It’s almost 7 years for Jean Pierre and I….I think we could go at least 10 more without saying “I do”. hehe

  2. wjfry says:

    Wow – I think you would have to have your body type to pull these off. I think I’d like the first one please!

  3. Miran says:

    I’ll take the one with the cut out in the back!

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